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Multiplus electrical has expertise in the Electrical and Electronics field. With knowledge and activities ranged from Installation work on High Voltage, High Current, ( 8 Mega Watt at 6600vac), right down to repairs at component level on electronic boards. Management’s assertive approach together with a solid foundation and 25 years in the Electrical and Electronics Industry Multiplus Electrical has played a key role in successes achieved. Management’s extensive knowledge in the development and implementation of policies and procedures has proven an invaluable asset in assuring sustainability of work processes. With exceptionally strong business acumen have gained vast experience in the Technical field. Our management philosophy is based on transparency, integrity and “leadership by example”. Staff & personnel are empowered from within, an incentivized to grow and learn with the company. Client relationship building is pillar of our business foundation, and stress is placed on providing cost effective end to end solutions, which ultimately benefit clients, and ensures Multiplus Electrical of high client-retention and overall client satisfaction. The management of Multiplus Electrical is committed to the empowerment initiatives of the current South African market place. As a result, we have been put in a place to lead the company in a positive BEE direction. These programs include staff compliment, procurement policies, and eventually, share equity transactions


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Multiplus Electrical Pty Ltd was formed in June 2006 to provide a holistic approach to the Electrical industry with proficiency in Commercial, Industrial and Residential fields,within the South African market place.

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